Gene Annotation

Experiment Annotation

Rice mature seeds of wild-type Nipponbare (NIP) or 35Spro:MIR393b (OEMIR393b) were grown on N6 medium (0.5 g l-1 MES, 3% sucrose and 0.4% phytagel, pH 5.8) for 2 days or callus-inducing medium (CIM, N6 basal medium supplemented with 10 µM 2,4-D, pH 5.8) for 2, 5, 7 days in a growth chamber with a 16 h light, 28 ˚C/8 h dark, 24 ˚C cycle. Scutella were separated for RNA-seq. N2: N6 medium for 2 d. C2, C5, and C7: CIM for 2, 5, and 7 d, respectively.